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Making Business Fun Again

Are you a family business owner in Australia, and do you feel Overwhelmed, Frustrated and Stuck in your business sometimes? I am a Business - Life Coach, and I help husband and wife family business owners make Business Fun again.

Overwhelm + Isolation

Most business owners go through periods of intense frustration, of feeling swamped or having hit a dead end. Isolation, stress and overwhelm are part and parcel of the small business journey, it seems. I’ve certainly had that experience myself in many years in various businesses, and most of my clients have too. Read and watch the stories of some of my clients here

Husband and Wife Business Partnerships

Working with husband and wife operated small businesses is one of my specialities. Family businesses can be enormously satisfactory and profitable, but, as I'm sure you know already, they're also not without a unique set of challenges. Read about the challenges and take the Beyoncé and Jay-Z Family Business Survey here. It takes just minutes to complete, you'll like it.

5 Steps to Big Change

The good news is that there is a way out. If you are ready for Change (with a capital “C”), you've come to the right place. The simple 5 Step Process I've developed, will turn the ship around and make Business Fun again... I promise you.

Why Me?

I am Roland Hanekroot. I have more than 30 years experience in small business and I am the founder of New Perspectives Business Coaching. As a Business - Life Coach, author, mentor and adviser, I help Small Business Owners who feel overwhelmed, stressed and stuck, to build Fun Businesses, that sustain them for years to come. I am based in Sydney Australia, Launceston Tasmania and The Hague Holland. I work with business owners all round the world via Skype and phone.

The 7 Habits, The One-Minute-Business-Tips and The Ten Truths

I have a bunch of great free resources available, specifically created to help you build a Great Small Business. You can start by downloading the Special report and video series called The 7 Habits of Highly Chilled Small Business owners here. Or if you'd prefer to get a short minute email and video in your inbox every Friday morning with a super simple One-Minute-Business-Tip that will help you take a step in the right direction in your business, go ahead and click here.

There are also a bunch of interesting business survey tools here, and you can download the three books of "The Ten Truths Trilogy" via the images in the middle of this page above.

Step 1 Discover

Step 1 of the 5 step process is for us to have a chat, so why don't you take that first step now? Call me on +61404490012 or book in your Free Discovery session on my online calendar here.