Roland Hanekroot, Business – Life Coach

Roland Hanekroot New Perspectives Small Business Bootcamp

I am the owner and founder of  New Perspectives Business Coaching, and the author of “The Ten Truths Trilogy” Business books for business owners who don’t like reading business books, but know that they should.

I work with small business owners to help them have more fun in business and build business that sustain them for years to come. More information about:


I have come to Business and Life Coaching from a small to medium business background. I have some 20 years experience as the founder and CEO of two successful businesses in the building and construction industry. I was originally trained as a Journalist in Holland and worked for a national daily newspaper in Amsterdam and I came to Australia and started a carpentry business and later two different building companies. I have also worked and lived in Greece, the Caribbean, England, and Italy. Since leaving the building industry I have also been involved in IT and network administration for a number of medium sized organisations.

After selling my building company in Sydney in 2004, I founded New Perspectives on my background and experience in small business together with deep study and training in business management, psychology, mentoring, counselling and coaching. The result is an unique approach and methodology that leads small business owners back to having more Fun in business.

I’m on a Mission… Help me spread the word

fun bookSince publishing my third book: The Ten Truths for making Business Fun… (and building a business that sustains you for years to come), I am on a Mission to spread the word about Fun in Business being the most important KPI in business, the critical measure of long term sustainable success. I’d like to invite you to download the book (for free) and help me spread the word, please help me get the message to as many small business owners as possible around the world, forward the link to anyone who might be interested in making their business Fun again. This is the link:

It takes Guts

Building a Fun business that sustains you for years to come takes guts, because it invariably means Change (with a capital “C”). Nothing inspires me more than seeing people step out of their comfortzone and stay there in order to make the changes they need to make.

  • I am a certified RCC level 3 Coach with Results Coaching Systems and have carried out extensive further advanced coach training with Results and other organisations, in the areas of executive, business and team coaching and specialised coaching tools and models.
  • I am trained and certified in NLP, Neuro Semantics, Crisis counselling, as well as Solution Focused Brief Coaching.
  • I hold a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (TAA)
  • I am a certified Small Business Counsellor (APEC).

I use a variety of all the tools I have available to help people move to where they want to be.

 The Best of both worlds

My background, skills, and experience as well as the ongoing training I have and will continue to undergo, place me in a unique position. I am able to combine my background and training as a small business owner and manager with my training and experience in Coaching and training and related disciplines. In other words, I wear three hats, which means I am able to offer my clients the best of three worlds; Coaching, business consulting and small business mentoring. I live in the Inner City of Sydney, and operate New Perspectives Coaching out of my office in Newtown, and because Coaching can very effectively be done Skype and other video link systems, my clients come from all over the world.