About Roland Hanekroot, Small Business-Life Coach

Roland Hanekroot, Business-Life Coach for small business owners

Let’s explore what your Beautiful Business and Life can look like.

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Pleased to meet you, I am Roland Hanekroot, the owner and founder of  New Perspectives Business Coaching. I am a Business – Life Coach, Mentor and Advisor. I am also the author of “The Ten Truths Trilogy, Business books for people who don’t read business books (but should)”. I’ve also written an Ebook called “The 7 Habits of Highly Chilled Business owners”, a guide to help you find the right coach or mentor for you and your business, and many other reports such as the “10 Foundations of a beautiful business” and I publish a weekly one minute small business tip, you can subscribe to. You can download all of my books, guides and special reports and other resources for free from my general download page here

This is how I help my clients:

I help people design their own unique Beautiful Business and Life and then I help them build it.

Are you at all curious about what’s possible for your business and your life, and how I might help you build it? If you are, take the next step.

Next step… The Five steps:

I’d love to have a chat with you to explore if it might be a good idea for us to work together. To explore that question I generally ask people to work through my 5 Step Discovery Process with me, which is purely designed to answer that question for both of us.

The first steps in the process are free and there will be no pressure in any form. At the end of the process it will be clear to both of us if we should engage and go on a journey and adventure together or not. follow the link to the 5 Step Discovery Process page. The page also outlines all of my regular programs.

Would you like to know more?

My background in business and life

I have come to Business and Life Coaching from a small to medium business background. I have some 20 years experience as the founder and CEO of two successful businesses in the building and construction industry. I was originally trained as a Journalist in Holland and worked for a national daily newspaper in Amsterdam.

I came to Australia in 1984 and started a carpentry business and later two different building companies. I have also worked and lived in Greece, the Caribbean, England, and Italy. At different times I have worked as an IT and network administrator, a taxi driver and charter boat captain.

Download my Free Guide to finding the perfect coach for you and your business.

After selling my building company in Sydney in 2004, I founded New Perspectives on my background and experience in small business together with study and training in business management, coaching, mentoring, counselling, as well as my varied life experience. 

  • I am a certified RCC level 3 Coach with Results Coaching Systems and have carried out extensive further advanced coach training with Results and other organisations, in the areas of executive, business and team coaching and specialised coaching tools and models.
  • I am trained and certified in NLP, Neuro Semantics, Crisis counselling, as well as Solution Focused Brief Coaching.
  • I hold a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (TAA)
  • I am a certified Small Business Counsellor (APEC).

The result of all of the above is that I have developed my own unique approach to business support and guidance, and that since 2004 I have helped close to two hundred business owners discover what their own unique Beautiful Business and Life could look like and I’ve helped them build it.

How about the best of three worlds?

I have combined my background and training as a small business owner and manager with my training and experience in coaching, training and related disciplines. In other words, I wear three hats, which means I am able to offer my clients the best of three worlds; Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Small Business Mentoring. The outcome of the adventures my clients and I go on is nearly always life changing, as you can read from my many testimonials here.

Year-round I live and work in three places in the world: The inner city of Sydney in NSW Australia, Launceston in Tasmania Australia and The Hague in Holland. Because I work mostly via Skype and other video link systems, my clients come from all over the world.

Download my Free Guide to finding the perfect coach for you and your business.