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Watch this quick video in which I explain about a couple of the unique challenges that are part of running a business in the building  and trades industry in Australia.

I have coached and mentored many builders, subbies and trades people over the years. The building industry in Australia has many great opportunities to design and build Beautiful Businesses and Lives, but it also has a bunch a unique challenges. I love supporting tradies to become mature business owners and help them build Beautiful Businesses and Lives.

“Working with Roland set the path for my business to be everything I dreamed it could be”

(Brad Chapman BIC Construction)

Does this sound like you?

As a coach working with builders and trades, these are some of the things I hear people in the building industry say all the time (and to be honest, I’ve certainly said most of them myself at different times in my building days):

  • “I spend so much time training my staff and as soon as they’re all trained up, they go and start out on their own.”
  • “I spend days preparing detailed budget estimates for clients and architects but in the end they still just pick the cheapest quote.”
  • “I’m always the last one to get paid”
  • “My staff earn more money than I do.”

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  • “As soon as I turn my back they stuff something up.”
  • “I have no idea where I make money and where I lose money.”
  • “I’m so busy but I think I made more money when I was on my own.”
  • “I’m always struggling to pay the tax bill when it’s due.”
  • “I’m run around from crisis to crisis, extinguishing brush fires all the time.”
  • “I get stuck doing jobs I don’t actually want to do (my friend’s bathroom, my uncle’s deck).”
  • “The last 5% of any job has as many challenges and takes as long as the first 50%.”

As a former carpenter and builder myself I know what those statements are about and I have worked with many builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters and others on turning those challenges around.

“Working with Roland taught me the correct way to run a business and more importantly, run it so that I can spend more time with my family.”

(Mark Nashaty, On the Go Plumbing)

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What you can expect:

How I’ll help you discover and build your own Beautiful Business and Life:

  • Implementing better bookkeeping, workflow management and project management systems; Your fingers on the pulse of all the key indicators of the health of your business, as opposed to keeping your fingers crossed.
  • Developing absolute clarity about the Purpose of your business; the reason your business exists and why anybody should care about that; Know where you’re going and how you’re getting there.
  • Developing marketing plans that are simple and effective; Clients walk in the door, wanting to do business with you.
  • Building relationships with the right people; Referral marketing is the most powerful way to build your business.
  • Designing and implementing Quality Assurance and Safety approaches that are practical and appropriate for your business; Make your business run like a Swiss clock.
  • Developing systems and procedures that you can rely on; Feel confident that things happen the way you want them to happen even when you’re not looking.
  • Developing better approaches to managing and engaging your staff and your subbies, so that you won’t have to stand there and watch them all day.

“Roland helped me install the right systems into my business and helped put all the missing pieces together to form a business that is now performing 100% better on all fronts: It’s making profit, my clients love our work and my staff love working with me, and It’s a lot of Fun.”

(Brent Tamati, Direct Building Solutions)

Five Steps to Discovery

If you recognise some of those statements above and you’d like to explore how I can help you overcome some of those everyday struggles, click here to book in a free Discovery Coaching Session now as part of my Five Steps to Discovery Process, designed to help you discover and build your own Beautiful Business and Life.

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