How to grow my business with Customers

Grow your business with Customer Service

When your customers love you, everything else gets easy

One of the strategies to create make your business grow is to improve your customer service. And Business growth is in itself one of the 7 Big Questions about building a beautiful business and life. Customer service is one of the marketing strategies that will lead to business growth and should always be considered as part of your marketing plan. It is worth focusing specifically on customers though, because if you look after your customers really well, they’ll become your “raving Fans” and will do your marketing for you.

Ken Blanchard wrote a little book called “Ravings Fans” that talks about how your business should always be working to do one better for your customers than they expect. If you do so successfully, your customers will become advocates that go out of their way to help your business grow. They will talk to their friends about you, drag their colleagues to your door, defend your business against the competition and best of all, they won’t quibble about the price. If you focus on turning your customers into raving fans, you will ultimately be able to slash your marketing budget in half and achieve a long-lasting competitive edge.

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