Highly Chilled Habit #7: Be Systematic


Habit #7: In order to build a Highly Chilled business, you must always be on the prowl for parts of your processes that can be turned into repeatable systems

Highly Chilled Habit #6: Be Careful

Business man jumping hurdles

Habit #6: In order to build a Highly Chilled business, you have to put great people on your team, give them every opportunity to shine and remove the ones that don’t fit.

Highly Chilled Habit #5: Be Clear


Learning to say No in your business is one of the key habits to build a Highly Chilled business. To be able to say No, clearly and professionaly, you must have a succinct, one-sentence answer to the question: “Why does your business exist and why would anybody care about that?”.

Highly Chilled Habit #4: Be Thrifty With Your Time

time management business habits

Time Management is one of the great challenges for business owners. Your time is the most valuable resource in your business. Time is the one thing you can not buy, hire or steal more of.  To build a beautiful business, business owners must learn to treat their time (and their health) as the rare commodity it is.

Highly Chilled Habit #3: Be on top of the Numbers

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Highly Chilled Habit #3 is all about the numbers, Kpi’s, Dashboards and mailboat reports. In other words Highly Chilled Habit #3 is about putting and keeping your finger on the pulse of the key indicators of the health of your business every day, week and month, so you can drive your business without having to keep your fingers crossed.

Highly Chilled Business Habit #1: Be dependable

work-life-balance business owner leading balanced life

The 7 Habits of Highly Chilled Small business owners is about real business owners and the really simple and really successful habits they trained themselves in. Habit #1 is about Colin and being dependable and making good on your promises.

The Truth about Change in business (and life)

TTTMBF change

Many small steps lead to big change. To build the Fun and sustainable business you’ve always dreamt of, means getting on the journey and start walking. Change is always about getting on the journey and staying there, through thick and thin, and the first thing to do is to accept that you can’t do it all on your own. You need support, you need help, you need advice and sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable to your commitments.

The Truth about Business Growth: Enough is Enough

TTTMBF growth

All the business gurus, leaders, books, videos and training courses that you can tune into will tell you that: “Business must grow or else it dies”. But that’s nonsense. More is not necessarily better, and there is such a thing as enough and to build a Fun business that sustains you for years to come, it’s worth pondering the question: What is enough?

The Truth about Leadership for Building a Fun Business


Leadership is a key component of profitable businesses. To truly build a Fun Business, however, you have to become a leader of a special kind