Making Money from Death and Hamburgers

making money But just like I would be sad to live in a world where the only restaurants we can eat at are McDonalds, likewise I’d hate to live in a world where all the funeral parlours were run by 18 yr olds who were trained to ask me: “Do you want roses with that?”
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Family business: Husband and Wife as business partners

husband and wife business couple family Husband and wife business partnerships can be really satisfying, they can be great vehicles for making money while allowing a couple to grow and develop together. But family businesses come with a unique set of challenges.
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Laziness, procrastination and time wasting; Time management #2

I realised, one day, that what caused my procrastination, was not knowing what to write. That insight changed my procrastination patterns forever because I started taking a whole new approach to my writing. From that day, I decided to trust myself that something would come out as long as I’d start writing.
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Business owners are all lazy slobs; Time management #1

“Of course” he replied, “It felt really good to get those things done. But that’s not the point. I still didn’t do my tax return after making a commitment to myself to do so this weekend”.
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Learning to Say No in Business

saying no By the end of the month, it had become clear to both of us that it wasn’t working and we stopped our work. It was an uncomfortable and awkward moment for both of us. I felt I had to apologise and refund most of the money the client had already paid me.
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Growing your business is the easy part

small business growth How do you keep delivering consistent quality and reliability, day in day out, even when your business doubles and triples?
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My ego and the death of my mother

no desires presence lotus No matter how hard I tried to imagine the future after my mother died, it was as if I was looking at a black screen of a big television that wasn’t turned on, just a big black flat nothing. My imagination simply wasn’t able to create a picture of life without my mother in it.
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Getting clear about the perfect clients for your business

Let’s say someone wanted to help you get more clients and they had a database 6000 small business owners. How can such a person go about identifying those 5 to 10 perfect introductions for you from amongst the database of 6000?
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Why I don’t believe in coaching and why it works

captain pirate storm reefs It’s such a comforting idea, isn’t it? The idea that there is some greater power that’s going to look after you in your time of need… Except it ain’t so
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The Holy Grail of Business

holy grail of business Many of the numbers to control your business with come out of your bookkeeping system, but there are also a bunch of really important numbers that you obtain from different sources.
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