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Build a beautiful business in 2022 with a little help from your friends

An exciting joint initiative of The Launceston Chamber of Commerce, MDH Accountants and New Perspectives.

The new Launceston Business Growth Club commences on Tuesday the 15th of February 2022 from 7.00am to 9.30am in the boardroom of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce

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The Club

On 15th Feb 2022, New Perspectives, MDH accountants and the Launceston Chamber of Commerce are launching a monthly peer support program to help business owners navigate their challenges and share their successes.

We get it

You know how running your own business can feel quite lonely and overwhelming at times? As small business owners ourselves, we get it!

What will it involve?

Monthly sessions will be facilitated by Roland Hanekroot and Michael Harvey, including learning topics, brainstorming and peer support. Work alongside other business owners to problem solve, grow and inspire one another.


The way out of loneliness and overwhelm in business is to surround yourself with support and guidance. Working with your fellow business owners to find simple practical solutions for your most pressing issues and then implement them, one step at a time will help you build the business and life you’ve always dreamt of.

The Growth Club provides a safe space for business owners, like you, to come together and support each other in the development and growth of each other’s businesses.


  • First meeting on Tuesday the 15th of Feb 2022, then every third Tuesday of the month.
  • Monthly 7.00am to 9.30am breakfast sessions. (Doors open at 6.45, please arrive before 7… Doors close at 7.05am)
  • Simple catered breakfast from Mattson catering, coffee, tea and juice included.
  • Workbook or worksheets included
  • Presentation and facilitation by Roland Hanekroot and Michael Harvey
  • Occasional guest presenters or presentations/ workshops by sitting members

Express interest or find out more by sending me an email here
or to Michael Harvey

Book here for the first session on Tuesday 15th Feb 2022 at 7.00am:

Investment and discount for Chamber members

  • The initial session will be $55 inc GST. Becoming a full member of The Business Growth Club is $165 per month with a 6 month commitment. 
  • Business members of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce will be entitled to a 33% discount on the first 6 month membership. (6 x $110 inc GST)


Latest announcements and schedules on Facebook Page for the LBGC

Covid Safe

We expect all attendees to take their own responsibilities in respect of COVID safe behaviour, but equally we ask all attendees to be fully vaccinated.

Book your seat for the introduction session here

The Launceston Business Growth Club is also supported by:

Business Networking Advantage AustraliaBusiness Networking Advantage Australia

BNAA aims to support business owners grow their businesses by offering a strategic approach to Word of Mouth marketing. BNAA members meet every fortnight in various chapters around Tasmania over breakfast to refer qualified business leads to each other. BNAA and the Launceston Business Growth Club work closely together to support small business owners in the greater Launceston region. (BNAA members will also be entitled to 6 months free membership of the Growth Club)
cavalletti communications cvacom

Cavalletti Communications

Cavalletti Communications is about Content for Attention Seekers. Cavacom works with companies of all industries and sizes to help them get their message across in all their digital and printed communications. Websites, newsletters, books, reports, brochures, white-papers, social media, articles and special reports. Cavalletti Communications is an enthusiastic supporter and participant in the LBGC initiative.

“These are the most productive hours I dedicate to me and my business every month!”

Why you’d want to become a Growth Club member:

  • A safe, confidential environment to explore challenges and solutions
  • Meeting structure designed to maximise the value of the meeting for each member.
  • Goal setting and group accountability with your peers.

Book your seat for the introduction session here

  • Brainstorming, advice and input from others who “Get it”
  • Trusted confidants
  • A workbook to manage your goals and actions
  • Professional facilitation by an experienced business coach
  • A dedicated closed Facebook group forum to continue the conversations with fellow club members only outside the monthly club meeting
  • Other resources and tools.

What happens at the Growth Clubs:

  • You will set Goals and actions for your business and break down what’s been holding you back.
  • You will have the opportunity to table your challenges and hurdles in your business and get input from your fellow club members, as well as the facilitator on how best to move forward.
  • You will learn about the common issues and challenges that all business owners face from time to time when developing their businesses. (marketing, control systems, automation, innovation, quality, sales, customer service, people management, planning, financial management, leadership etc)
  • Your business will start to move forward again, with you at the wheel.

Structure of the LBGC:

  • Each Club meeting will be facilitated by Roland Hanekroot and Michael Harvey and meet every month (except in January) for breakfast for 2.5 hrs (7.00 am to 9.30am) in the Boardroom of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce.
  • Each Club will have a maximum of 10 members and a minimum of 5
  • Membership is exclusively to business owners
  • There will be no competing businesses within a chapter (one plumber, one jeweler, one web developer, one architect, per Club)

Your investment:

  • The initial introductory session will cost $50 plus GST
  • After the introductory session, membership will cost $150 plus GST, paid by monthly automatic debit, or in full in advance.

Discounted offer for members of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce and BNAA:

Any business membership of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce, or membership of BNAA during the 2022 Financial year includes a discount of 33% on the first 6 months of Launceston Business  Growth Club.


  • The initial Growth Club meeting will be on the 15th of Feb 2022 and then every third Tuesday of the month after that. 
  • Chapter meetings will be held in the Boardroom of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce, first floor, 29 Patterson st, Launceston, 7250.
  • Doors open at 6.45 am and doors close at 7.05am
  • A simple breakfast and coffee, tea or juice is included in the fee.
  • We start on time, please be respectful and arrive between 6.45am and 7.00am. Doors will close by 7.05am.

Applications for membership:

Please contact Roland Hanekroot or Michael Harvey direct by email or phone or apply through the Chamber to take advantage of the special offer mentioned above.

Roland Hanekroot’s contacts:


m: 0404490012


Michael Harvey’s contacts:


m: 0408388481


Launceston Chamber of Commerce:

ph: 03 6331 9364




Free White Paper: “How to benefit from having your own Board of Advisors”, download here 

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 “A few months after I joined the Business Growth Club I am blown away at the difference it is already making to me, my staff and my business generally”

Book your seat for the introduction session here