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My musings and thoughts in the media

All about being kind to yourself in the Launceston Examiner

GoSolo Subkit

I was interviewed by online publication GoSolo Subkit, about what I am passionate about in small business. Read the whole piece here

Launceston Examiner

I was interviewed in the Launceston Examiner recently about kindness (to yourself) being a key success factor for building a beautiful business follow this link

The Pillars of Success on Kochie’s Business Builders

Pillars of sucess

During October and November 2017 I presented in a segment in Channel 7’s Kochie’s Business Builders called “Pillars of Success”My pillar is all about Work-Life-Balance. There are 5 videos on looking after yourself, Learning to say No, Making Business Fun, Time Management and Doing Nothing. You can see all 5 pieces here.

Goal-setting confuses the hell out of me

goal setting cat

For a while, maybe a year and a half, I started doing all the stuff I needed to do to make the BHAG come true in 10 years’ time. I joined Toastmasters and engaged a speaking coach. I started looking for opportunities to speak more and practice the craft. I took singing lessons and I put up my hand to sing a solo in my choir. Smallbusinessforum

Why all that matters in Business is Fun: Medium

fun in business

Read any business book or listen to any of the business gurus and they’ll tell you that business must maximise shareholder value and that the only meaningful way to know if a business is great or not is in how much value is created for it’s shareholders. But in small business at least I believe we totally miss the boat by making Profit and Cash our ultimate aim and the ultimate measure of our success. Read the whole article in Medium here

Business Overwhelm and growth: NRMA ‘Hub’

nrma the hubArticle and interview of myself in the NRMA online small business magazine by Julie Hamilton . How to move from stalled to growth again after languishing in a stuck place for a while.Read the whole article here

Crazy twists and turns through 30 years of business

my journey in business

Article in SavvySme about my own journey through business since arriving in Australia in 1984.

As I say at the end of the article: I am reminded of the philosopher who said: “Every time you think you can see you life laid out in front of you, like a map; You can be sure of one thing: It’s not your life you’re looking at”

I wish I could remember the philosopher’s name, because I’d love to know what else he’s had to say.

Click here to read the article

The KISS principles of building a business


My article about the simple principles of business… it’s actually a lot simpler than we think, on Business2Sell, read it here

Interview about all things business and Fun

Interview with Angela Jones from Access all areas FM in Melbourne in August 2015

The one thing you need


Article in Small Today July 2015 How working at Lifeline helped me understand resilience in business. I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of setbacks in business, most small business owners have at some stage. It’s led me to understand that one of the keys of business success is resilience.

Failure to plan is planning to fail…?

planArticle in Mortgage professionals magazine June 2015 about strategy. Failure to plan is planning to fail but why do so few business plans actually make a difference and why do most business plans live in a bottom drawer somewhere collecting dust? Follow this link to download the article

Planning is Guessing, so let’s do some guessing for next financial year

planningArticle in Australian Business Women’s Network June 2015: Business plans or business planning isn’t actually about a document. It’s about ‘planning,’ the verb. A famous general once said: “No battle plan ever survives the first contact with the enemy,” and the same can be said for a business plan. Just like the general who can’t win the battle without planning, you can’t build a great business without planning.


Why Fun is All That Matters in Your Business

global coaching fun in business

Article in “Global Coaching Magazine”
If you make Fun in Business your most important KPI The thing you focus on more than anything else… Your business and your life will never be the same again… I

Why looking after yourself is more important than looking after your customers

mortgage professional magazineYour time and your health are the most important assets of your business… they are, because anything else you buy, rent, hire or borrow more of. So isn’t it time to start to treat the most valuable resources of your business with greater respect? Article in Mortgage Professionals Australia and USA magazines July 2014

Why cash is more important than profit

financial management

Article in Master Plumbers Magazine July 2014 about financial management. What are the principles of sound financial management in small business and what’s more important? Sales, Profit or Cash? Read more here, Page 45 and 46.

Why Fun in Business Matters

fun in businessWhy Fun in business is more important than Profit, customers, staff, quality and everything else. Circuit magazine April 2014

Don’t get overwhelmed by Overwhelm


Article about the overwhelm and stress of being a business owner and what to do about it in the August September 2014 issue of “The Australian Dairy Magazine”. Download the whole article here

Business plans that actually work

planningWhy do so few businesses owners have a plan, or if they do, why do they so rarely look at it and how can we write a business plan that actually makes a difference to our business? Article in Australian Plumbing Magazine July 2014

Networking for your mental health


As a business owner, the stress never ends. You have clients, staff, suppliers, inspectors, assessors, OH&S, landlords, work-cover, tax, the bank, paperwork, marketing, IT, sales, quality assurance and the list goes on.  You run around from crisis to crisis all day, and no one seems to be able to do anything without you. As a result, you never seem to get round to doing the stuff you really want to do. Download the whole article from Paint and Panel Magazine here Also on the magazine website here:

Fun in Business in heels

leaders in heels
Tell me about some of your most treasured memories since you started your business… Fun in business in Leaders in heels magazine. Read more here

How do you measure Fun in Business?

enterprise hub

Why Fun in Business should be your Key Success Measure in your business, and how you can measure it every week., Enterprise Hub magazine April 2014

Maybe it’s time to chuck a sickie?

circuit mag april 2014

Article on the stress of being a business owner in Circuit Magazine April 2014

What does it take to make business itself Fun again?

speakers forum

Interview on The fortnightly Friday Forum by Adrienne McClean of The Speaker’s practice about Fun in Business and what it takes to build a business that sustains you for years to come.

Why Fun in Business counts

fun in business ara jan 2014

Article in Australian Retail Association Magazine jan 2014 about Fun in business and why it matters more than anything else.

Get Involved in your Community

Get involvedArticle in “The Australian Plumber” about how getting involved in local business communities is good for your health and your business.

Time to chuck a sickie?

chuck a sickie plumbers magArticle in “The On-time Plumber” national Magazine about making the business work for you, rather than the other way around.

Not all Ten Truths were created equal

Interview with Roland Hanequipped magazineekroot in “Equipped Magazine about the my books, The Ten Truths books for business owners

The Problem with Goal setting

goal setting savvyArticle in SavvySME about why conventional goal setting fails more often than not.

The Battle of the Business Coaches

Nett Magazine coverInterview in Nett Magazine article: Battle of the Coaches” What differences are there from business coach to business coach, does it matter who you engage and how do you choose between them?

 Interview with Robert Gerrish from Flying Solo

The Ten Truths for Raising a Healthy Bouncy Business and the “Seduction of the Hammer”

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