SBR Bey and Jay family business survey

The Beyoncé and Jay-Z Family Business Survey

We all know how happy and successful Bey and Jay are, don’t we? The first couple of the music business has made great pop music, uncountable millions, picture perfect babies and they smile in every photo.

But that’s Hollywood, right? What’s that got to do with the real world? What about you and your spouse? You also wake up beside your business partner every day, but your business partner doesn’t look anywhere near as good in the shower as Jay does, nor sound anything like Bey at the Super Bowl. Your weekly management meetings are just as likely to be interrupted by a phone call, because your son is in in the sickbay at school with a fever, as your family dinners are likely to be interrupted by an irate customer with a blocked toilet. So on the stuff that really matters, where do you and your spouse rate on the Jay and Bey Family Business Scale?

Take a few minutes to complete the Jay and Bey survey below, score yourself at the end and find out if the two of you are on the way to knock the power couple of the music business off their throne.

Please Note:

The questionnaire refers to you and your spouse being business partners. For the purpose of this questionnaire it is not important whether or not you are both directors and shareholders or in any kind of legal business partnership, all that matters is that you are sharing business as well as home life. You can do the survey on your own, or the two of you can complete the survey together, but I have found that couples get great benefit from both completing the survey separately, and then using the results to initiate powerful conversations about how best to move forward.

Click on the link to download the Bey ad Jay Family Business Survey and work your way through it… I hope it will lead you to have some useful conversations with each other.

And do book in a free discovery session with me if you’d like to discuss the results and where to next.