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Family business: Husband and Wife as business partners

husband and wife business couple family Husband and wife business partnerships can be really satisfying, they can be great vehicles for making money while allowing a couple to grow and develop together. But family businesses come with a unique set of challenges.
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Family Business; When husband and wife partner up in small business

Roland helped us get clear on our roles and responsibilities in the business and find a realistic balance between work and home life again… Business is Fun again
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Getting clear about the perfect clients for your business

Let’s say someone wanted to help you get more clients and they had a database 6000 small business owners. How can such a person go about identifying those 5 to 10 perfect introductions for you from amongst the database of 6000?
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Cold calling is not dead, it just smells funny

By being strategic about the people I approach and the emails I write them, I often have great success opening a business opportunity.
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Driving your business forward by getting under the bonnet

under the bonnet KPI The biggest opportunity in the development of your small business is to work out what the critical KPIs for your business are. Finding your KPI’s starts by conducting an objective review of your business from the outside looking in.  It forces you to really get under the bonnet.
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Small Business Innovation and My Beautiful Laundrette

The big question was how I could get the great turnover of a city laundry in Maroubra. The stumbling block appeared to be being located in Maroubra but in fact that became my stepping stone
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The 5 Things You Must Do At Every Networking Event

Networking business Developing our businesses still means continuously meeting new people, new suppliers, new referral sources, new clients. Obviously, networking is still one of the most effective ways to do so.
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How to make your small business not suck

Small Business, Business development I’m into my sixth month of developing my business and I’m making just enough to keep the company afloat. It’s a damn hustle and it sucks. Do most people who start small businesses feel this way?
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Before Jumping Into Advertising, Get The Basics of Marketing Right First

Before Jumping Into Advertisement, Get The Basics of Marketing Right First There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending money on advertising, all the great brands and business do from time to time, but you better be sure you’ve dotted all the I-s and crossed all the T-s before you do
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Why I’m Glad You’re Not An Entrepreneur, But A Small Business Owner

Entrepreneurs vs Small Business Owner Most small business owners are not entrepreneurs… and that’s a good thing
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