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Fun and overwhelm

I am Roland Hanekroot. I help Small Business Owners who feel overwhelmed, stressed and stuck, to build Fun Businesses, that sustain them for years to come. I am the founder of New Perspectives, a business coach, mentor, business adviser and speaker with more than 30 years experience in small business. More about You here, and more about Me here.

How I help you build a Fun Business:

There are many ways that I can work with you and support you to Build a Fun Business, and a number of my programs are entirely free or at very little cost. Access any of my programs here.

Are you ready for Change in your business?

How do you know if you are truly ready for Change in your business and your life? How do you know if taking on a business coach to help you through that Change is a good idea for you? And how do you know if I am the right coach to support you on that journey? I have created a fun 5 minute quiz to help you answer those three questions. Complete the quiz here.

Free books:

I am also the author of the "The Ten Truths Trilogy" for business owners. The books tackle the key aspects of business that all of us business owners face from time to time when developing our businesses. All three are available for free as Ebooks or Audiobooks. Download your free copy of the latest Ten Truths books here. The Ten Truths for Making business Fun is available translated in Dutch as well, here. 

Free mastermind webinars:

I run regular free webinars on the key business topics. Topics include Marketing, Cashflow, Sales, Fun in Business, Time Management, Purpose and Direction, Business Planning, Systems, Keeping your fingers on the pulse, and others. Register for the next Masterminds Foundation Webinar here.

I am based in Sydney Australia, but as business coach, mentor and adviser I work with business owners all round the world via Skype and phone.