How to use business goals: Are you holding yourself back?

standing on a mountain

Guest post by Geoff Anderson from Sonic Sight.

Ask yourself: What am I really capable of?

how to use business goals standing on a mountain

How to use business goals: You are holding yourself back. Admit it. You already know it but try to ignore it. It’s okay; you’re not the only one.

We’re been taught to set our business goals based on what we have achieved in the past. We look at what has worked and decide to aim for some “more” of that – another 20% in sales, another 10% in conversions.

Unknowingly we are climbing a hill with a rope still tethered to the ground. After some goal setting when we set out we will give ourselves 20% more rope. But we will never be free of our past efforts.

What if, instead you ask yourself “what am I really capable of?” “What if I cast myself free of my past and imagined a version of myself living up to my full potential?”

Scary stuff isn’t it?

I had a recent breakthrough when I combined this concept with some of that spooky manifesting stuff. I actually imagined that I already was hitting this ambitious target that was not related to last year’s actuals. I sat with that and imagined what would I feel like, what would I be doing, how would I be behaving if I was earning the sort of money I know is possible.

Instead of feeling like I was aiming for a target I started to feel like I was the person who was already achieving that target. That made me reflect on the activities I was doing. What would the activities be of someone who was earning the sort of money I now knew I was capable of:

  • Who would I be mixing with?
  • What activities would I spend my time on?
  • What podcasts would I be listening to?
  • What would I now be charging?
  • What new products would I be providing?
  • What systems would I using each day?
  • What networks would I have built?
  • Where is the new business coming from?
  • How I am nurturing current clients?
  • What referrals systems would I have?
  • What would I be doing each day, each week, each month?

Once your free yourself from the person trying to climb a big hill and understand you already have all the knowledge and skills and experience to be standing on the top of the mountain, you have a different perspective. You can see how you got there. You can see the path you took, the resources you used, the connections you have.

Believe you are the person who has freed yourself from your limitations and start being the person who has already reached your business goal.

It’s wonderfully liberating and it’s a great view from up there.

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Geoff Anderson, author, video producer, presenter

Geoff Anderson is a friend of mine, a past client (twice) and the author of Shoot Me Now – making videos to boost business. If you want some help creating impressive videos for you business check out

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