To Build a Better Business, First become a Better Person

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What does it take to build a Great Small Business that Stands the Test of Time? What is Business – Life Coaching anyway? What are the Principles of Business – Life Coaching? How is Business – Life Coaching different from regular business coaching (or regular life coaching for that matter). And above all, why should it matter to you?

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To help you understand those questions I need to fill in some background for you first:

When thinking about building a Great Business, we tend to think about:

  • Systems
  • Human resources
  • Killer products
  • Efficiency
  • Financial management
  • IP
  • Culture
  • Asset management
  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • And possibly some others I’ve yet forgotten.

business life coaching principalsLook in the mirror

Which of those are the most important, do you think? Which of these matter more than any others?

They’re all important, no doubt, but the key factor in developing a Great Business isn’t in the list above. The aspect of business that “Rules them all”, in the words of Gandalf in The Lord of The Rings, is looking at you in the mirror, You… Little Old You.

The Principles

The Principles of Business – Life Coaching can be expressed in this statement:

If you want something you’ve never had before,

First, you’ve got to be someone you’ve never been before.

Book in a Free Discovery Coaching session now to explore how Business – Life Coaching can make a difference to you.

As you’re reading this, I imagine that means you want something about your business to change. You want to grow, make more money, find more time, have greater work-life-balance, retire (with a bunch of cash), make the world a better place, be proud of the stuff your business produces, and make a difference.

And that’s great, I love supporting people that have exciting dreams and want to make a splash. It’s what I get out of bed for every day.

The Kind of Person Who…

But you can’t have any of those dreams, unless you’re prepared to change first. You have to become the kind of person who builds the kind of business that makes the kind of profit you dream of, or that makes the kind of difference you dream of, or that is sold for the kind of dollars you dream of.

Hence my focus on Business – Life Coaching. The “hard” skills as well as the “soft” skills of developing your business. I will teach you about the latest business management thinking, and we’ll design new systems customised to your business. We’ll create business and marketing plans that work and implement them. We’ll get clear about the Purpose of your business, you’ll implement controls and get good at numbers so that you have your fingers on the Pulse every day. We’ll get your staff firing on all cylinders. We may develop new products and come up with innovative solutions to bust past the hurdles that have held your business back.

Leadership skills

We’ll do all that and much more besides, but at the same time we’ll be working on what it takes to be a great business owner. We’ll work on leadership skills, self management skills, developing your vision, prioritising what’s most important in your life, goal setting, strategic thinking, planning, communication, people management, and how to get out of crisis management. More about finding the right  business support and advice here more about my Business – Life coaching programs here, more about the foundations for building a Great Business here, more about personal development and leadership here, and more about why you need a Business – Life Coach here.

Building a Great Business that Stands the Test of Time, is a journey out of your comfort zone (more about journeys here). It means you have to be prepared to look at yourself, acknowledge that you’re the bottleneck that holds your business back and say: Now is the time to Change

I Promise you.

Book in a Free Discovery Coaching session now to explore how Business – Life Coaching can make a difference to you.