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big book of small businessCelebrate your victories

I recently read another book by Australia’ s favourite small business guru Andrew Griffiths: “The Big Book of Small Business” and it is a doozy.

It’s a fantastic book to dip in and out of and pick up all kinds of wisdoms, tips and insights to help you improve your business.

One of the really lovely passages that stood out for me is called: ”Remember to celebrate your victories” and Andrew goes on to tell that he has a big whiteboard hanging in his office that he records his victories and achievements on throughout the year.

I really love that, because we don’t spend anywhere near enough time celebrating our achievements. Worse, we tend to forget about our achievements moments after we’ve achieved them, because as responsible business owners we know we have to drive ourselves to do better all the time and stopping to smell the roses is for normal people, right?

Wrong… Andrew has the right idea… stop and acknowledge the good stuff you have done and are doing all the time, nothing like a pat on the back every now and then.


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