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10 Tips for Better Finance Management in Your Company

financial management One of the biggest mistakes rookie entrepreneurs make is failing to separate their personal and business finances
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BQ Making Profit and Generating Cash Flow

The second of the 7 Big Questions of Small business. Personally I believe the question about making money is even more important than the first question about growth. Business Growth only makes sense if you end up with more money in your bank account as a result.
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Driving your business forward by getting under the bonnet

under the bonnet KPI The biggest opportunity in the development of your small business is to work out what the critical KPIs for your business are. Finding your KPI’s starts by conducting an objective review of your business from the outside looking in.  It forces you to really get under the bonnet.
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The First Steps to Sound Financial Management of Your Business

First Steps to Sound Financial Management of your business ©by Roland Hanekroot, New Perspectives Coaching 2013 What does it take to make a success of your small business… how can you avoid adding to those frightening statistics about failure rates
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1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Amanda Manages Her Finances and Makes Money

  1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Truth 4, Financial Management Amanda Owns a boutique hotel and learns to manage her finances so that she starts to make money and have a lot more fun. Once upon a time… a long, long
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