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Time management for smart business owners:

double your profits

Here is a brilliant anecdote from “Double your profits in 6 months or less” by Bob Fifer. (Link to the book)

The book is full of brilliant tips and advice, I highly recommend any business owner to read it and then put stuff into action.

This about time management: “The first thing I do when I get to work in the morning is to divide everything I have to do into three lists. List 1 holds only items that brings in new business or reduces costs. List 2 includes the things I have to do to maintain existing business or to keep an internal operating process running. List 3 includes all the things that someone else expects or wants me to do but add no value to the bottom line.
I always start on list 1 and will not proceed to any item on list 2 until all of list 1 is complete and I will not start list 3 until list 2 is complete.”

I love the simplicity of this approach and one of the brilliant benefits of this process is that the most important stuff gets done when you are at your freshest and most efficient. And when you go home at night, you know that you’ve done all the stuff that matters most, even if you haven’t completed all three lists entirely.

Time management and Overwhelm and the 7 Big Questions of Small Business

Business owners frequently ask 7 Big Questions about how to Build a Beautiful Business and Life.

The third of the 7 Big Questions is: How do I get unstuck in my business?

To get unstuck and free yourself of the whirlpool, I have identified “6 questions about being Overwhelmed in business.”

The fourth of those Questions about getting unstuck is: How can I manage my time better? (And get the important stuff done in my business). This is one of many more articles on this site that explain how Time management and Overwhelm hang together, in some depth.

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