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I recently read “Bullet Proof your business now” by Australia’s leading business writer, Andrew Griffiths. A number of passages jumped out at me, but this one in particular stood out:

“So without doubt, the first step in bullet proofing any business is to step up and take responsibility for everything the business does: bills, staff, products, liabilities, ethics, debts, taxes”

I love the straight, no nonsense sentiment of that statement by Andrew (and that is by the way the tone of the whole book). Too often we get tempted to blame the government, gen Y, our spouses, the world economy or cheap overseas imports for the ups and downs of our businesses and for that matter our lives.

Time to step up and acknowledge that our business is what it is because of Who we are… today.
So if your business isn’t quite where you’d like it to be… talk to the person responsible…

In the mirror.

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