Nostalgia, Folk Festivals and Morris Dancing

jailer's pet

Morris dancing has nothing to do with fertility. It’s just about whimsical imitation of exotic cultures… The word Morris seems to derive from the word Moor

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Customer Feedback the Simple Way


Do you know if your customers truly love you? Are they advocates of your business or are they looking for the right opportunity to move on? What are you doing to find out?

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Business the Simple Way

lemonade kid

To be successful in business you only have to do two things: Do Great Work… and make sure lots of people know about it

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Let’s be quite clear about this. By engaging Rajiv to carry out the design and illustration work for my third book, I’ve taken work away from an Australian designer and illustrator and I’ve done so because it’s cheaper… much cheaper.

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Marketing Made Easy

dr evil

Marketing gurus have many grand theories about what works and what doesn’t to grow your business. But when you listen to all of them it’s like having your brain fried by Dr Evil, it’s all just so confusing.

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Drowning in the 21st Century


People say that one of the consequences of the short soundbites of Facebook, Twitter and the internet generally is that human beings are unlearning how to read. We are losing our ability to focus on one thing only for any length of time. Is that true?

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Social media marketing


I bet no one has ever done business with you unless they trusted you at least at some level… A different level of trust is required to engage with a financial planner than to buy a litre of milk from the corner store, but without trust there is no business.

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Predictability and Swiss Clocks

swiss clock cropped

At the end of that quarter, Jamie couldn’t believe his eyes when he printed out his profit and loss report that showed an increase in net profit of 20% over the previous quarter. After 4 months Jamie also noticed that the backlog had shrunk by 50%.

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Staff and the Germans in Brazil

winning kid

The business owner’s lament: “I know I could run such a great business if it wasn’t for those pesky staff”… So how do we get our staff do what we want them to do?

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What’s worse than Tough Choices?

measure love

For every complex business problem there is a sporting analogy, that’s simple, obvious, profound… and… Wrong!

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