Old Fashioned marketing in the digital age with Scott Forrest

Scott Forrest from Motive Marketing and I go deep, deeper, deepest and somehow find our way back to the top again about Modern marketing and old fashioned principles of trust and visibility.

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The Most Important Reason for Taking on a Business Coach


I’m no different really to all my fellow coaches; I am similarly convinced of my genius, but in the depth of the night, when noone is listening, I know it hasn’t got anywhere near as much to do with my talents as I like to make out.

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Sales, Profit and Cash Podcast

lemonade kid

 Subscribe in a reader What sinks more business than anything else? The podcast of the Small Business Masterminds Foundation Webinar on Financial Management and what it takes to build a Fun business that sustains you for years to come Small

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The Purpose of Business Podcast

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A Fun Business that sustains you for years to come has a Purpose (with a capital “P”) that engages everyone: Your staff, your customers, your suppliers, your community and you!

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Work-Life Balance: Guilt and The Small Business Owner

work life balance

Work-Life Balance is a silly idea. It is!, for small business owners at any rate, because your business is your life, isn’t it?. So how do you go about creating a balance between two things that are largely one and the same? And by all means, put your life into your business but don’t let your business take over your life!

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A Taste of My Own Medicine


What would you do if you had a sudden windfall in your business? Are you holding off on making an investment because you haven’t got the money yet? The question recently popped into my head while reading about an innovative new working capital loan provider for small business.

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Reverse Mentoring

old dog

Ever heard about “reverse mentoring”? The idea is to take on a mentor who is half your age to get with the times in respect modern communications and use of social media. Senior business people should acknowledge that they might be be wise in business but largely clueless about social media and new forms of communicating and marketing.

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Death is the Big Event — The Most Important Party in Your Life

dying 300

Recently I took part in a meeting to plan the most important event in my mother’s life… the end of it… did it feel weird?… you bet it did and also really powerful

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Small Business Can Change The World

boy with megaphone

I’ve published a new book I’m launching a new Mission and I want your help to spread the word to all corners of the small business world… seriously get on board!

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Marketing and the Golden Rule of Business


We are all hungry for personal connection. That means that even though I am a business coach and can write all kinds of really clever things about business, people want to get to Know me, Like me and Trust me first and foremost.

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