Slow and Steady Wins the Race in Small Business

Small Business Competition The competition is irrelevant. Most of them start up and fall over again (85% disappear in the first 5 years), because they don’t dot the I’s and cross the T’s. If anything your competitors effectively prepares the customers for you to get it right for them
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How to make your small business not suck

Small Business, Business development I’m into my sixth month of developing my business and I’m making just enough to keep the company afloat. It’s a damn hustle and it sucks. Do most people who start small businesses feel this way?
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Why Success in Your Business Beats Winning the Lottery

Business Success There are many strategies for building wealth, I even knew a bookmaker once who happily tried to convince me that investing my hard earned on the horses was a foolproof method to getting rich.
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The Trouble With Goal Setting

goal setting and planning My Big Hairy Audacious Goal got me moving a few years ago. But once I got moving, I suddenly noticed the roses along the way, and who wants to focus on Big Hairy Audacious things if you can smell some roses instead?
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Starting Your Own Small Business

Starting your own small business The reality of starting your own small business is both more rewarding and fun and at the same time tougher than anything you’ve ever experienced before.
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There is no shortage of amazing small business ideas

Amazing small business ideas The secret to building a great small business is not about the idea, it’s about actually building it. Ideas are cheap, what are you going to build today?
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Overwhelmed in Your Business? Maybe you’re not Kind enough

Overwhelmed in Your Business? You Might Be Lacking in Kindness. I think our society is not geared for kindness. We are urged to soldier on, to get stuck into things and to “Get Shit Done”. That attitude doesn’t encourage being kind to ourselves or to each other
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Before Jumping Into Advertising, Get The Basics of Marketing Right First

Before Jumping Into Advertisement, Get The Basics of Marketing Right First There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending money on advertising, all the great brands and business do from time to time, but you better be sure you’ve dotted all the I-s and crossed all the T-s before you do
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What Richard Branson Can Teach Us About Being Happier Human Beings & Business Owners

What Richard Branson Can Teach Us About Being Happier Humans & Business Owners Being Richard Branson is not all it’s cracked up to be… focus on your own journeys
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Why I’m Glad You’re Not An Entrepreneur, But A Small Business Owner

Entrepreneurs vs Small Business Owner Most small business owners are not entrepreneurs… and that’s a good thing
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