Why I didn’t need a business coach

geoff anderson

I wasn’t even really aware of the concept of a business coach. When I first heard of it, it seemed like an indulgent concept for people who can’t get their act together.

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Journeys, Goals, Ships and Ancient Secrets Podcast


I don’t believe in Goal setting anymore, at least not in the way we normally think of goals, because I believe that Goal-setting is about setting a course on a Journey of Change; Goals are never about actual places to get to.

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The Power of Referrals and Word of Mouth Marketing

boring boredom bored cropped

Most networking events are an absolute waste of time and worse, they’re often boring. I’ve certainly never sold anything at a networking event and yet I keep going. Why is that?

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How to Make Sales Fun: Podcast on Marketing

nice wives

This whole selling thing carries so much baggage. Many of us don’t think we’re any good at it, we don’t like it and we don’t think our customers like it much either. The great news is there are some very simple things we can do to free ourselves of all this fear

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Business Bedtime Stories: Joan’s Startup Podcast


In which we meet Joan and follow her on her first steps to building a Fun business that sustains her for years to come

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Resilience is the Key to Building a Great Business

resilience kid child hero

To be a successful small business owner I believe you must live higher up the resilience scale than the average person, because the journey of building a small business is full of traps and snags

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Podcast Interview


A podcast interview with one of my past clients, Heath, asking him to describe how the development of his business is like a journey.

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Talking to Your Neighbours in the Days of Facebook

chatting across the fence

In 2015 I would be surprised if I still need to spend energy convincing business owners to have a website, but just having a website is not enough anymore.

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Why It’s OK Being Small in the Business World

sonic sight enough growth

I’m not qualified to make judgements about the world of large business, but I do know about small business and in small business there is simply no rationale to keep growing and growing… just because.

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Not All KPI’s are Created Equal: A Podcast on Numbers with Rick Polito

look into the future

Not All KPI’s are equal… Rick Polito helps us work out which KPI’s we ought to focus on to grow our business with control

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