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AR Business-Life Coaching Principles

How is Business – Life Coaching different from any of the other forms of business support you might come across, and why would it matter to you when building your own Beautiful Business and Life?
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #10: Managing your Market

Ten Priorities in business, Marketing, publicity, PR It may seem obvious. No matter how great your products, your people, your systems, your visions and your plans are, if nobody knows how great they, there will be no business.
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #8: Managing your People

Ten Priorities, finance management Human beings get a lot of satisfaction from doing good work, but the problem is, they often don’t know what constitutes good work
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #7: Managing your Finances

Ten Priorities in business, financial management The misunderstanding is that business owners generally don’t appreciate that there are two different types of accounting
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #6: Asking for Help

Ten Priorities, external advice I guarantee that no matter which inspiring business role model you interview, they’ll all tell you their success is due partly to the support of one or more mentors, coaches or advisers.
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #5: Guessing

That’s the secret about planning: Planning is something we must do again every day. When realities change, we must change our plans right along with them.
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #3: Having Fun

By focusing solely on money as the indicator of success in business, you are doing yourself and everyone else who is touched by the business a disservice.
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BQ Guidance support coaching external advice mentoring

It takes a village to build a Beautiful Business, but you can’t ask your spouse to hold you accountable to your strategic Goals, it leads to divorce. Your friends won’t be able to provide an independent perspective, because they’re not independent. Nor can your brother hold up a mirror for you, because there’s too much baggage in your shared history.
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BQ Personal Development

leadership I believe personal development and leadership is integral to developing your business. Changing our businesses means having to become leaders, the kind of business owners who commit to developing as people, as managers, as communicators, and as coaches.
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #2: Doing Nothing

But the work of the business owner can only ever be done by you. And thinking, reflecting, day-dreaming even, is the ultimate work of the business owner.
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