Overwhelm and the Fun in Business Intensive

Because Fun in Business is the opposite of Overwhelm, Stress and being Stuck

What’s it all about:

I explain how my business coaching program works in the video above

The New Perspectives Fun in Business Intensive is a transformative 6 – 12 month Business and Life coaching, development, business advice and mentoring program designed for individual small business owners, business partners and also especially husband and wife family business owners, who want to build Great Businesses that Stand the Test of Time and have more Fun in business. The Intensive is designed for small business owners who find themselves operating in a state of overwhelm and stress a lot and who feel stuck in their business. They are frustrated and ready to roll up their sleeves and start to build a Great Business now. (Read more about husband and wife family business partnerships here)

The foundation of the program is the acclaimed trilogy of business books “The Ten Truths books for Business Owners” by myself. You can download the books for free from the links at the top right of the page. The Fun in Business coaching and mentoring program combines Visioning, Goalsetting, Planning, Strategy, accountability, support, guidance, brainstorming and advice with coaching and mentoring methodologies, resources and tools that simply work.

What’s Fun in Business got to do with building a Great Business?

I believe most small business owners operate in a state of overwhelm and stress and they often feel their businesses are stuck. You run around from crisis to crisis all day extinguishing brush fires along the way. You’re the first one in the door in the morning and the last one out the door at night, and you have to catch up on your admin, email and quoting after dinner. Your staff don’t seem able to tie their own shoe laces, clients expect you yourself to serve their needs, personally, whenever they have even a slight cough, even though you’ve got a bunch of perfectly qualified staff to do the work, and to top it all off you’re barely making any more money now than you were 5 years ago.

Well, I think it’s time we started to think differently about business than we traditionally have and learn to accept that there is something greater for us to achieve than make sales, improve our systems and generate cash.

More reading and resources about Overwhelm, Stress, Change and Fun in Business:

Business is Fun when everything is working

To start moving out of that overwhelm, stress and stuckness, a really interesting place to start, I believe, is to focus on the concept of Fun in Business and management. You see when business is Fun, it means everything is working. Fun in Business is the opposite of Overwhelm, Stress and feeling Stuck. When business itself is Fun it means that:

  • You are making money and generating cash flow
  • You’re making sales
  • You’re getting better all the time
  • You know where you’re going
  • Your staff are highly engaged
  • Your customers love you
  • You’re proud of the stuff your business produces
  • You creating the kind of balance in your life that is important to you.

Focusing on Fun in Business as the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of the health of your business and understanding that all the other KPI’s we are used to measuring and thinking about are merely drivers to the main KPI of Fun in Business, will change your business and your life.

Book in a free half hour Discovery coaching session with me to see if the Fun in Business Intensive is right for you or what other options may be better for you right now.

What it different about the Intensive:

My thoughts about Change and Business coaching are possibly a bit different to what you might expect or what you might have heard from others. You might find it useful to read some of my articles about those topics to see if my philosophies are of interest to you:

change is a journey, leaving the harbour

Why the Intensive is important to you:

The Fun in Business Intensive is about going on a journey; A big journey, an adventure even. That’s as it should be, because Change (with a big “C”) can only ever happen on a journey. You’ve heard people talk about stepping out of their comfort zone. I agree, we must step out of our comfortzone to create Change. Nothing ever happened in the safety of the harbour.

I have written about Goals, Journeys, Change and Comfort-zones extensively, such as in this article and podcast here, as well as this article about Goals here.

You can also complete my “Are you ready for Change (with a big “C”) survey here”.

To change our business and our life we have to get out onto the ocean and set sail for the horizon and above all we must not turn back.

When you are ready to change your business and your life, the reason you would want me to come on that journey and adventure with you, is that:

  • I will help you set a course.
  • I will help you adjust the course when we come across obstacles or storms we have to sail round.
  • I will ensure you don’t sail around in circles nor that you sail back to the harbour
  • I make sure that you know when to row and row hard and when to let the wind take you along for a while.

And finally, I have been out on the ocean many many times… I know how to keep your ship safe.

Book in a Free half hour Discovery coaching session with me to explore if the Fun in Business Intensive is right for you or what other options may be better for you right now.

Coming on the Journey with me in the Fun in Business Intensive will truly change your business and your life for ever…

I promise you.

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Mathew Stubbs from
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The Intensive has 6 main components:
  1. A comprehensive online business health check report
  2. Copies of: “The Ten Truths Books for Business Owners” (More info about the books)
  3. Regular (at least monthly) webinars called “The Small Business Masterminds™ (More info about the Masterminds)
  4. Weekly or fortnightly one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions, either face-to-face, by Skype or telephone.
  5. Unlimited phone and email support
  6. Access to a comprehensive library of business development resources
  7. A vast range of business development tools as required
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